We deliver every day 
(Sun 9:45pm) 

$2.00 delivery fee applies

Mable's Smoked Beef Brisket Sandwich

  A note to our Delivery and takeout customers: At Mable's we slice our brisket to order and for our in house guests, the quality will be notably higher than for our delivery and take out customers. As the brisket is at its optimal level of quality immediately after being sliced,  please note that due to time in transit, we cannot guarantee that the quality of our brisket, when delivered or picked up, will match that of when it is ordered and consumed on premises.

 In lieu of a recent ruling by the city of New York  we are now using 100% eco-friendly packaging materials. We are adding a $2.00 delivery fee to all delivery orders to help absorb the cost of these higher priced materials.