Lunch & Dinner

Sandwiches w/ 1 side - $10.95
(incl. pickles, jalapenos, & sm. cup of slaw)
Pulled Pork
Chopped Beef Brisket
Veggie BBQ Sloppy Joe (V)

- 1 meat & 2 sides

(incl. pickles, jalapenos, Wonder Bread & sm. cup of slaw

Beef Brisket (1/2 lb) - $16.95
Pulled Pork (1/2 lb) - $16.95
Hot Link Sausages (2) - $14.95
Half Slab St. Louis Ribs - $19.95

DeLuxe Platter - 3 meats & 3 sides - $32.95
(incl. pickles, jalapenos, Wonder Bread & sm. cup of slaw)

*Double Portion Ribs + $8, **Triple Portion Ribs + $16

Meats -                       Want Extra?
Pulled Pork  (1/4 lb)                     $5
Beef Brisket (1/4 lb)                     
Link Sausage (1)                   $5
Half Slab St. Louis Ribs             $16
Full Slab St. Louis Ribs              $32

Sides - $4.95                            Snacks -$6.95

BBQ Baked Beans                              Frito Pie
Bet’s Best Potato Salad (V)         Velveeta-Rotel Queso Dip (V)

Black Eyed Peas
Borracho Beans (V)
Candied Yams
Collard Greens 
Creamy Mac n' Cheese (V)          
House-Pickled Beets (V)      
Chips/Fritos - $2          

Various Homemade Pies - $4.95        

 (V) Denotes vegetarian items


Sweet & Savory Corn Cake  $12
Jalapeno Corn Cake topped with BBQ Pulled Pork and a Maple-Maker's Mark drizzle with a side of Collard Greens
Add an Egg $2

Sweet Potato Pancakes  $10 (V)
Candied Yams, Toasted Pecans, Warm Maple Syrup

Green Chile Fritatta $10 (V)
Eggs, Poblano Peppers, Ro-tel, Jack Cheese, Fresh Salsa Verde, served with a Mixed Green Salad

Crawfish Etoufee $12
Spicy Crawfish Stew, Stone Ground Cheese Grits and a Fried Egg

Brisket Sandwich-$12
Chopped Brisket, Buttered Sesame Seed Bun, Borracho Beans

Cheese Grits
Collard Greens
Borracho beans
Chips & Salsa Verde

 (V) Denotes vegetarian items

`Beer: $3 - $7

Coors Light                                
Brooklyn Winter Ale (seasonal)
Brooklyn Lager                            
Shiner Holiday Cheer (seasonal)
Peak Organic IPA
Shiner Bock

Lone Star
High Life
Shiner Bock/Shiner Black Lager

Coors Banquet Beer

Cocktails: $9 - $12

Kentucky Mint Julep - Bourbon, Mint, Sugar
Spiked Cherry Limeade - Vodka, Cherry, Lime
Classic Manhattan - Bourbon, Vermouth, Bitters

Pickletini - Vodka, Pickle Juice
The Beechnut - Vodka, House-Made Sweet Tea
Dad's Cold Medicine - Crown Royal, Dr. Pepper
Ol' Fashioned - Rye Whiskey, Bitters, Sugar


Mable's Spiked Cherry Limeade
Mable's Frito Pie